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How It Works

Select a complete care bundle based on your testing frequency

We make it affordable to test as often as you and your doctor determine appropriate. Choose a care bundle based on how many times a day you test. In 3-7 days you will receive a 90 day (3 month) supply of high quality/ FDA approved test strips, lancets, a lancing device, control solution and a FREE TALKING METER!

Three months later, you’ll receive your next 90 day supply care bundle with your test strips, lancets, control solution and new lancing device automatically. You’ll never have to worry about running out of testing supplies again!

But don’t worry, you can easily CANCEL AT ANY TIME.

Create an account

The cornerstone of Diabetes Care delivered is our reliable FREE shipping program. Once you enroll with us you will receive your first bundle within 3-7 days including your FREE meter. About 2 and ½ months later you’ll receive an email reminding you your next care bundle of supplies is scheduled to ship. Through that email you will be able to modify, cancel or delay shipment. If no changes are needed, your bundle will be shipped and your account will be billed. Diabetes Care Delivered’s reliable free shipping program is the most convenient way to obtain the testing supplies you need.

Receive you first bundle and FREE METER

In just a few days you’ll receive your first bundle including your free meter. Our care bundles are priced so you can test as often as you need with high quality testing supplies. With your first bundle you’ll receive a free Clever Choice Voice meter. Clever Choice meters have been in use for over 8 years and are currently trusted by over 500,000 people living with Diabetes in the US.

Clever Choice products meet or exceed all required FDA guidelines and provide clear accurate results. In addition to the FREE meter in your initial shipment, your bundle also includes test strips, lancets, control solution and new lancing device with every shipment. The quantity of test strips and lancets is determined by your testing frequency, each care bundle is a 90 day supply. Diabetes Care Delivered wants to ensure that every person living with Diabetes in the US has available to them quality testing supplies at a fair price.

Care bundles delivered every 3 months

You will receive a shipment of testing supplies automatically every 90 days. Remember you can cancel at any time and two weeks before every shipment is scheduled to be processes you will receive an email reminder where you can modify, cancel or delay your order. There is absolutely no commitment on your part. The recurring shipment program is designed for your convenience.

You’ll never have to order from multiple websites or take trips to different stores only to find overpriced testing supplies. You will never have skip your important glucose testing because you ran out of supplies or you couldn’t find what you need. Diabetes Care Delivered’s reliable free shipping program will make sure you have all the supplies you need, when you need them, at a fair price.